Mobile App Developers in London

Let’s boost your business with a productive mobile application!

From the day of our foundation, our company made a good showing and step by step we became the UK and the world’s leading software development company for mobile devices. That became possible because our team consists of the IT savvy and passionate programmers and software engineers who provide first-class design and robust functionality to the created digital solutions.

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Our Expertise

Our company presents a mobile app development agency that offers a full range of services starting with a business analysis and mobile strategy up to UI/UX design, programming and launch. We are an in-house London-based team of 100+ programmers and IT professionals with over 6-year company history. Our team serves our UK and international clients through our office in London remaining to be very mobile especially when project development requires our presence at our customer’s office. Our business analysts study our customer’s business to make our job competently because we need to get the industry insight. Our developers have worked with multiple business projects and helped our customers to achieve their business goals. So today we have a decent level of expertise in delivering mobile applications for different industries and purposes. If you are looking for professional mobile app developers in London, let’s get in touch.

Bespoke mobile applications for companies

Forward-looking companies are looking to benefit from modern technologies creating mobile software that engages their customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, collect valuable customer data, optimise internal processes, and simply producing new opportunities for company’s employees and customers. App developers in our UK-based company provide high-quality custom solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows devices whether it is smartphones or tablets. Our customer-focused approach to the development ensures that mobile application we built fully matches your needs and even exceed the expectations. Our company tailors software solutions to your business workflow and personal preferences and make it ensuring a high return on the investment.

Mobile App Development for your business

iOS app development

Apple Developer Program enables us to deliver the most qualitative iOS software for iPads and iPhones providing native look and feel. We use the latest version of Xcode IDE and master both Objective-C and Swift to benefit from all iOS capabilities and functionality. Updated Xcode with its editor extension let our developers reduce the time of development while App Thinning innovation allows us to optimise your application for App Store and increase its speed for users. Our team prefers to work with iOS platform as it is the most stable and secure option for business people. Besides, iOS users are known as the most willing to pay ones, so the iOS platform is the most suitable for implementation of monetization strategy and generating revenue. Another advantage of Apple devices is their limited number. The variety of screen sizes and resolutions isn’t as high as for other platforms, so it is much easier to ensure that all the users will have excellent user experience and the program will have fewer bugs.

Android applications

Android software solutions are in high demand as nearly 80% of the European population uses Android devices and needs qualitative software solutions to empower their gadgets with required functionality. Our team has worked with numerous Android projects delivering exciting results. Our app designers will pay special attention to optimisation of the program for the variety of Android devices with their operating system peculiarities and screen size differences. Our programmers are competent in both Android Studio and Eclipse IDE and know how to benefit from Android Support, Java and other Libraries. If you want to reach the mass audience of the Android platform users, talk to us, and we can help to utilise all its functionality creating the highest quality user experience and completely customising it to your business needs.

Windows app creation

Windows 10 Mobile was introduced at the beginning of 2015 unifying the creation of the desktop and mobile applications for both smartphones and tablets with almost identical features set benefiting from all the platform capabilities. Our company has a separate team of Windows developers to provide our clients whose target audience. They are experts who use the latest versions of Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio and the best practice for Windows designs making your program as easy-to-use as the Windows platform itself is.

How to build a mobile app for business

Forward-looking companies both small and big ones actively create mobile applications, injecting a new lease of life in the way they run business and hence moving their businesses to the next level. As people spend in their smartphones and tablets, a mobile app can become a good way to reach the target audience globally, and at the same time, it can become a smart tool to empower the employees and business partners enabling them to act faster and be always aware of the real-time situation and data. Our London mobile app developers will be happy to help you with the mobile project development.
Determine your business goals

The initial phase of any project is a clear determination of the results you want to achieve. Whether it is to build an end-user product that gives users new opportunities or optimise internal operations it is necessary to identify app purpose as accurate as possible and think of the features set that should be integrated into the mobile solution. It is essential to identify the software cost and project budget. Apps have difficult structure depending on the operating system, features complexity and compatibility its cost can vary from 10,000 to millions of pounds. As a businessman, you need to estimate approximate project budget, and our IT consultants can help to make it as soon as our team gets the description of the desirable results.

Choose a proper mobile app developers

To bring app ideas to live you will have to learn to code for years or you can hire expert app developers entrusting them the project. Estimate the risks! Unlike app making platforms and remote freelancers, developers from reputable software company will be the most reliable option. The company is a good choice because it provides certain guarantees, ensure high quality and has a team of programmers, designers, and business analysts who perform complex project development from market research to the submission to the app stores. As a professional team of developers based in London, we can ensure that we verify your app idea and add valuable input based on our experience and expertise.

Pay attention to the UI/UX design

The design is as important as functionalities and shouldn’t be underestimated. First of all, user experience design influence the way users interact with the application. If it is intuitive and user-friendly, users have an understanding of how to use it and how to benefit from it, then it will retain them because it is convenient and solve their problems. An attractive and interactive UI design will engage users making them staying longer in the application. It also provides the first impression, and if it looks raw and ugly, most probably the users will leave it before they get acquainted with the app functionality. Besides, app design can reflect your business identity and promote your brand to the global audience. Our app designers will create several design layouts of the app UI so you can find the one you like the most and that suits the company identity. And we will also pay attention to its navigation map ensuring that app has a clear flow.

Our strength

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Coding and features implementation
Test, Test, and Test
Launch and Maintain

Our mobile software developers adhere to agile methods providing an iterative and flexible approach that ensures fast time to market and high quality of the end product. They start with delivering an MVP (minimum viable product) which refers to a working program with incorporated core functionality. It is a working illustration of the future mobile application with limited functionality. So you can try it and get a better idea of its performing and features. The developers gradually grow functionality to the MVP implementing those features you want to add. Our London team develops software for a range of the platform and has a sufficient level of expertise and skills which let us benefit from each platform capabilities. We are experts in building native apps which provide an exceptional user experience. Our programmers are also good at backend scripting providing applications with web server support.

The variety of devices, OS versions, and screen resolutions is incredible, especially when it comes to Android platform. To embrace larger audience and provide an excellent user experience to each smartphone or tablet owner, developers should ensure that their program adapt to each screen and perform well on each device. Sometimes, after developer created an app that works well on one device he can face a huge amount bugs on another and improvement of these bugs can have bad consequences for the program itself. That is why our Quality Assurance department starts analysing the project at the initial phase to eliminate huge pitfalls and reduce the number of bugs to the minimum. After this thorough analysis QA experts keep testing the software throughout the development, and every time we add new functionality or make any others features. We ensure that apps work in various environments and meet coding standards providing excellent performance, security, usability, overall feel and look.

A submission of an application can become a time-consuming and nervous process, but from our side, we will make it as smooth as possible. First of all, our team delivers only high-quality applications that meet all the coding standards and guidelines, so shouldn’t be afraid that app review can end with fail. Secondly, we will take all worries about it such as app description and choice of keywords or app category and publish the app under your name preserving the intellectual property rights, and besides, we can sign NDA if you would like not to share the project idea with anyone else. We can set the app the way that its users’ data will be easily monitored via Google Analytics providing with the real-time reporting on the users’ activity and helping you to improve app performance and user experience. After a while apps face the need to grow and evolve together with the businesses, and our mobile app developers are happy to assist our customers in updating and upgrading their mobile applications.