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We are a leading IT group offering mobile and web development services, including the development of Apple apps. Our development team includes an iOS programmer and develops specialized software solutions to turn on Apple products. Software agencies have provided high quality solutions for more than seven years. Our level of experience has dramatically improved, and now we can create and deliver Apple applications.

iPhone app

In recent years, the demand for applications for mobile phones has increased. Since the launch of Apple's iPhone, programmers around the world have focused on mobile app developers who strive to write code that allows users to benefit from this smart device.

The development team was excited about the new opportunities and perspectives that made it available on iOS powerful platform. We help to affirm the existence in the market of mobile devices with the development of high quality Apple applications that give power to the iPhone with the necessary functions. Software engineers ensure that our products are consistent with the general standard set by Apple and bespoke software solutions.

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Experienced and passionate iOS developers have developed software solutions that demonstrate that they can provide the highest quality of experience, from medicine to finance, education and entertainment, and can realize any idea of ​​turning projects into real software.



Custom software means complex planning, specific skills, high level of experience. Successful iOS applications require high quality design, deep commitment and interactive features, a clear awareness of purpose and related functions that can be achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology. To take full advantage of the potential of Apple's operating system, developers must understand how to use native technology. The members of our development team can be called the best IT experts of hundreds of successful projects. This experience will ensure our skill and qualification.

Xcode is an integrated development environment that provides a complete set of tools to create software solutions for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watches, Apple TV. In this environment, the design of the user interface, the creation of codes, the execution of tests, the debugging and the sending to the App Store are ready. Our team has extensive experience in the use of this IDE and continues to adopt updates to create leading solutions. With the expansion of the new editor, our Apple app development team is able to simplify the development process, and reduce costs. Software designers will have more control over the updated Interface Builder and will be able to see a live preview of the appearance of the program on the device. You can quickly customize the user interface of various size classes.

There are two main programming languages, Objective-C and Swift, that allow developers to create software with Xcode. This IT company specializing in the development of mobile applications can boast of IT specialists in these languages. We started working on Objective-C, the main programming language for writing code for iOS and OS X that provides object-oriented functions and dynamic runtime. But when Apple launched the Swift in 2014, our development team was eager to learn it. With this generic multi-paradigm, innovative programming languages ​​make coding more powerful and intuitive. The latest update included more consistent API names to write the code more naturally.

We access a structured directory with dynamic shared libraries and related resources (called frames). When developing, link the projects to these frameworks so you can get those benefits for the program. The developers of the app programming interface (API) can access the memory of these read resource capabilities of structured directories and infrastructure code. The framework provides our team with the necessary interface to create custom software. Therefore, developers use the Asset Library Framework to access user photos and videos. To transmit audio data, it must be applied to Core Audio. Save data from iCloud - CloudKit, etc.

The "thinning of apps" of recently introduced applications allows our team to optimize the installation of the iOS, watchOS, tvOS programs. This innovation allows programmers to adapt the delivery of applications to specific characteristics of the device. With such optimization, you can use the functions of the device, reduce the disk space and prepare the app for future updates. The use of this technology improves the download speed, occupies less space and improves the user experience.

Slicing: Creates app package variants for multiple target devices using the executable architectures and resources needed for a particular device. The store selects the variant according to the family and the resolution of the device. Bitcode presents an intermediate representation of the compiled program. This will eliminate the need to reoptimize the binaries of the program in the future and reload the new version of the app.

On-demand resources cover resources such as images and sounds that can be tagged with keywords. This technology guarantees the rapid download of app hosting resources on Apple servers.

App for iPad

The development team is pleased to offer a truly mobile platform experience for iPads to employees and customers. Designers create sophisticated user interface designs based on iOS guidelines, incorporate all the functionality of the Retina large screen and incorporate robust features that focus on ease of use. Depending on the size of the iPad screen, we can use the interface space more efficiently to ensure a better user experience and navigation. This screen also has huge multitasking functions integrated with the latest operating system updates. The design and development team will help you benefit from all of them, with all these features provided within the platform in mind. We make your app adjustable in the direction of horizontal and vertical viewing with split view and sliding over the mode that is executed with the highest excellence.

As an Apple certified developer, our team can take advantage of iOS operating system features and wonderful features. Many of the benefits of this membership will help us stay in the IT industry.

  • With native development, the Siri API integration allows customers to interact through messages, create routes and directions with the help of maps, access audio and camera resources, and manage the audio of the app. . With the Apple Developer Program, you can also distribute products around the world in stores.
  • Our team not only develops software solutions, but also helps billions of customers to be available, and helps integrate it internally within the company.
  • As a certified developer, you also have the privilege of performing the latest beta tests and integrating state-of-the-art technology into software products that enjoy the latest advances in Apple's operating system.
  • This membership expands the testing capabilities and programmers can invite users to try the software before they are published in the store. TestFlight Beta Testing shares a beta version with 2,000 external testers and can get feedback and greatly improve the user experience.
  • The Apple developer program can provide access to analytics to authorized members, measure user engagement, the success of the monetization strategy and the marketing campaign in iTunes Connect.

iOS app development department is also familiar with the Mac OS X desktop operating system and can provide first-class desktop applications that will benefit from a stable core and advanced technologies. We have established a reasonable development process that can access the key functions of OS X. A highly competent team of software developers has sufficient technical skills and knowledge to ensure the development of Mac software without problems. By using development tools and system framework, you can build several programs that run the OS X operating system.

  • A user-oriented app that instructs the accomplishment of tasks, such as the creation of content, the management of data and the interconnection with other users. In addition to using existing frameworks and libraries, you can enable code sharing between apps.
  • A highly experienced development team can also create sophisticated users who manipulate data through the command line environment of the terminal app's macOS emulator.
  • Add-ons for applications and systems that extend the functionality of other applications and systems. OS X has a stratified architecture with basic and sophisticated services and technology. In addition, the development team knows how to benefit from the extensions and deliveries of these apps, how to expand their capabilities and how to improve the user experience of personalized programs.

We will implement the trends and new technologies, expand the functionality of the apps. If you are interested in a development team, you agree to complement the iPhone program or if you create a stand-alone software solution for Apple Watch, our app designer beats watchOS and me. We develop an intelligent solution that allows users to receive notifications and answer. We developed a project that combines the clock app and the clock kit extension package that manages the interface and writes the code to respond to the user's dialogue. A talented team of creative developers will build an Apple Watch user interface that provides packaged content as part of the surveillance app. Our approach to user interface design with the size of Apple Watch in mind is different, as it designs complex notifications and interfaces, displays information quickly and ensures smooth interaction between the program and the user. Developers create new software behaviors instead of simply porting from existing iOS apps.

If you plan to create software that runs on tvOS, targeting the Apple TV platform, the development team will use the TVOS SDK to take advantage of Apple TV's capabilities to provide software that is full of presence on a large screen. Ready to prepare The development team has access to the latest APIs and frameworks available in this operating system. In addition to benefiting from ReplayKit and PhotoKit, we incorporate Multipeer Connectivity so that users can find nearby devices and communicate with the service. Developers can access CPU / GPU functions, 1080p screen function, touch surface, integrated GPS, etc.

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