The Basics of App Development

Are you secretly hoping you were a programmer so you can develop the million dollar idea you have for an app? Relax. App Development is not as hard as it sounds.

What is the most important thing in App Development?

The idea. Have a clear idea about what your app is going to do. There are thousands of apps available in the Playstore. So why would anyone try the app you develop? Why is it different from the other apps? What is your key feature?
Have a Design for your app. Sketch out how the app is going to look. Create a storyboard of what each click is going to do. And how each window is going to look like.

What is the right way to go about App Development?

Know your tools. The key to a successful App Development is the right tools. Apple has made App Development easy with its new programming language Swift. So decide how you are going to go about it? What programming language will you be comfortable with? For beginners Swift is a easier interface to work with.

Where will you be able to find support for App Development?

Register yourself as an Apple Developer at Apple’s website, so you can have an access to the resources and support materials available .Use wide resources available on the internet. Blogs, Videos, Articles are in abundance on App Development. If you are still not sure you can do the programming yourself, hire an App Developer.

Are you interested in App Development for games?

Apple has made game development simpler with numerous tools like Xcode, Apple’s own interface, swift programming language and other tools like Metal.
If you have an interesting idea for a game, you could build an app that can make you popular and rich. Do ample research. Your game has to be unique and new for it to sell.
There are quite a few courses available on game development that you could take up to learn App Development. As you learn to make apps, you can use tools to create your characters for the games for free online. If you are new to App Development , the key to success is keeping it clean and simple. Don’t put in a lot of things at once. Focus on the detailing, the sound effects, the graphics .

What is the final step in App Development?

After the programming is done, do trials, debug the errors, perfect the visualization, create an interesting icon. Register yourself with apple for membership (£69/year) in order to sell the app. Apple has guidelines for App Development. Go through them thoroughly so you can avoid rejection of your app.
Be open to criticism. Pass on the prototype to your friends to test and give you their genuine opinion.A successful app is one that sells more, so market your game well. Target getting good reviews for your app. Lastly Believe, believe that your App is going to sell, believe that you are going to make a mark in the App Development industry. And so shall it be.