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We are happy to present you our latest projects and show what we a capable on. Take a look at our portfolio and get acquainted with our success stories.

Party Member

A mobile application for party members to increase their engagement.

A representative of a political party selected Maximus to build a mobile membership platform for the party members and complement it with a promoting tool for the next election campaign. Our Android developers also designed a widget for a countdown to the next election which counted days, hours and minutes til the big day. Alongside, app present a mobile payment based membership tool letting people engage with the party and benefit from the data captured in the mobile app.


An application for efficient and secure storage and processing of the mission-critical data for salespeople.

One of our customers was a vendor of cleaning services, providing them to all industries from hospitality to retail. He approached us to reinforce his sales strategy with an Android tablet app. Our customer wanted to simplify the life of his salespeople replacing ineffective spreadsheets with a customised application that can streamline multiple processes based on the company needs. The app unites the information that staff store on the website, in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other office apps making it work for salespeople in an efficient way thanks to the integration of all these resources. We also added many documents to the Google Drive letting employees edit, delete and share information with others in a real time mode.


A mobile application that informs users about company activity and provide the latest news.

Once we had an opportunity to develop a cross-platform mobile application that informs users about alerts, latest news, announcements and other mission-critical information from our customer’s company. Our team developed a platform that offers subscribers an opportunity to learn, engage and support the community that belongs to our customer. The app was based on the content of the customer’s website reflecting all the activity of the web platform. This informative channel includes news, job opportunities, academics and many other sectors. We made the information available whether a user wants to read an article or watch a YouTube video of this community.


A mobile application for recording and sharing audio files.

In collaboration with a music band member and producer, we have developed a vocal recorder that works as a portable studio for those moments when artistic people get a flash of inspiration. An iPhone app records user’s voice over music which person can select according to the genre. Our developers used the latest sound programming technologies to achieve a greater sounding. And social media integration lets users share their pieces of art and get a valuable feedback via Twitter, Sound Cloud, and Facebook.


A mobile application dedicated to simplify the search of a parking place.

Several businesspeople united their efforts to create a mobile application that streamlines parking in overcrowded cities and chose our company to make their idea real. We helped them to develop a universal virtual parking assistant. As far as our customers were interested in a mobile app that could be run on both Android and iOS phones, we developed two applications for these operating systems using native SDKs. Our team integrated Google Maps to let the app scan the vicinity looking for an available place and generate the route to there. Besides, we also integrated “Find my car” functionality that lets users find where they left their cars.
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